What Size Hail Can Damage Your Car?

In St. Louis there were 14 reports of hail in 2017 within 10 miles of the city center. The hail storms in 2017 also included a record-breaking size report of 2 inches. Hail is extremely damaging to property, especially cars. Hail the size of a golf ball can break car glass, dent holes in the roof, and even cause engine damage. The size of the hail combined with the angle at which it hits your car is what determines the extent of the damage.

The strength of the metal on the car can prevent hail from causing major damage. A car with thinner layers of metal may suffer from more serious damage. In either case, you don’t want unattractive dent marks all over your whole car. The first place to go when you are driving a hail-damaged car is Bell and Osborn Auto Body. They specialize in hail damage auto repair in St. Louis.

Also, car shoppers beware before you buy a hail-damaged car. Chances are it could not be fixed by paintless dent repairs, which means the dents were too deep, too large, or too severe to be fixed. Before you buy the damaged vehicle—no matter how good the deal sounds—it pays to get an estimate from a reputable company that does paintless dent repair.

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