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What to Do Before Selling Your Car


It’s commonly known that you’ll make more money selling your car yourself rather than using it as a trade when you are ready to purchase a new car. Below are some tips to consider and put into use before you put the “For Sale” sign ad online or on the car windshield.

  • Research the market by checking ads to see what others are asking for your kind of car. Try searching with the specific criteria of your make, year, and model.
  • Get your car professionally detailed, which will give it the best possible look and smell. At the same time, remove all personal belongings except for the owner’s manual and the registration.
  • Check and top off fluids like the oil, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Topped-off fluids show any buyer how well you’ve taken care of your car.
  • Choose the most popular places to advertise your car online. Those include, Craigslist, and eBayClassifieds. Listings in local newspapers are good places as well.
  • Figure out what your bottom line is and stick to it. It’s best not to negotiate online before the buyer has even seen the car. If you lower the price sight unseen, the buyer may ask for an even lower price after he or she has seen and driven it.
  • Finalizing the sale includes limiting your liability. Once you’ve been paid for the car (cash or a cashier’s check), record the odometer reading and sign the car title over to the buyer. Make sure you have a “release-of-liability form,” which records the time and date the car changed possession.

If the car you are selling has dings and dents, take it to our shop for paintless dent repair in St. Louis. Bell & Osborn Auto Body serves customers throughout St. Peters and St. Louis, MO.