Rust Repair

Do you have a rusty ride? Rust is inevitable if you own a car. Over time, even minor paint damages such as dents and dings prepare the way for rust problems. Stop by Bell & Osborn Auto Body for a free estimate if you need car rust repair in St. Peters, MO. Don’t drive around in a car that has rusty spots. Instead, stop by our auto body and paint shop for impressive solutions that restore your vehicle’s beautiful body.

Improve the appearance of your car by removing the rust. If your vehicle has rust spots, it not only looks bad, but it drags down its value. Visit us for automotive rust repair. As a reputable and family-owned company, we are known for restoring rusty cars. We have several options available for your convenience. Contact us for more information about our rust removal service.

Rust Repair Services

You deserve more than a mediocre touchup job. Due to our experience in the industry, we are able to match the paint to the precise color of your car. We are very detailed when providing services. That means when we’re finished, your car will look like you just drove it off of the lot.

In addition, we cater to your budget. In some cases, depending on the damage, the repair could be covered by your insurance company. Because we are a direct repair shop for several insurance companies, we work with your agent too. If you’ve been putting off auto body rust repair, come by our shop. No appointment is necessary. We’ll provide a reasonable quote for you.

High-Quality Paint Service

A beautiful paint job attracts attention and restores the appeal of any car. However, a blemished and rusty car attracts the wrong type of attention. We offer dependable and impeccable results that give your vehicle an outstanding look. From removing rust and priming to applying top coats and clear coats, the experienced team at our auto paint shop ensures a gorgeous-looking ride again.

There’s no need to go out and buy a new car when your current one is rusty, damaged, or old. With our complete auto body repair and automotive painting service, we offer an affordable way to give your car a makeover. Don’t settle for an old-looking car, van, or truck when we can do something about it. Best of all, we do it at a price you can afford.