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Common Auto Body Repair Steps


Along with computerized cars, the modern auto repair shop in St. Louis has grown by using complex technology. Vehicle designs and government regulations on safety and fuel economy are changing the way car repairs are done. While no one ever wants to imagine needing a car repair after an accident, it’s helpful to know what goes into a typical auto body repair process. Most collision shops follow a similar process with the following basic steps:


Estimate: Most collision repair shops include an estimator who inspects, documents, and photographs your vehicle. That information is given to the insurance company and the shop’s customer. These results are based on visible damage, and can’t be informative on unseen damage after the car has been taken apart.

 Disassembling: The insurance provided needs a disassembling of the vehicle to document all the damage and determine if it’s economically feasible to repair the vehicle. Once work authorization has been provided to the shop from the customer and the insurer, the parts that are needed for repairs can be purchased.

Structure: After the disassembly has occurred and the parts have been received, the auto body shop begins repairs. At this point the car is analyzed by an electronic measuring system to restore it back to factory specifications. With a scientific system doing the measuring, the car frame is certain to be straight and structurally sound. The necessary suspension repairs and wheel alignment are also done.

 Body Repairs: After the car is declared structurally and mechanically sound work on the body starts with straightening and paint preparation. Parts are sanded then primer is applied before the color or base coat is applied, followed by a clear coat to protect the finish.

Reassembling:  All of the components that were initially disconnected are now put back together. For example, the electrical wires, hoses, airbags, etc., are properly connected. Trim and moldings are reinstalled. A reputable auto body shop will take the vehicle for a test drive to be sure that everything is functioning correctly.