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How Often Should You Get Your Car Waxed?

Many of us don’t often take the time to get our cars waxed, though the general recommendation is waxing 3 or 4 times a year. The minimum number of waxes should be at least 2 times a year in order to protect the vehicle’s paint finish. However, if your car is exposed to snow, rain, and road salt, and spends most of the time outside, it should be waxed more often than twice a year. The best way to protect your car’s exterior from the weather and environmental elements is to wax it by hand on a regular basis. A car that is regularly waxed is easier to clean. In addition, waxing adds a layer of protection over the clear coat and paint job.

The two best times to wax your car are in the spring before summer and the fall before winter. Wax protects the car from harsh UV rays in the summer heat and from the cold extremes of winter. If you want to know when it’s time to wax your vehicle you should add a few drops of water on it and see what happens. If the water beads up, the car doesn’t need to be waxed. If no beads form, it’s time for a waxing.

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